ALGSA Keep It Cool Bandana
ALGSA Keep It Cool Bandana

ALGSA Keep It Cool Bandana

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  • This cooling and drying bandana is the perfect size to tie around your head during a workout.
  • Great for keeping you cool during a round of golf, run or other exercise activity.
  • Made of a soft PVA material that is designed for non-slip wear.
  • Bandana measures 32-1/2" x 32-1/2" -- a large size that slopes easily over your head.
  • To activate the cooling technology, simply rinse the bandana in water, which allows the moisture to evaporate and continue cooling you for hours.
  • Retains water while remaining dry to the touch.
  • The custom bandana is reusable, just rewet the headband when it begins to dry out.
  • Comes in a plastic case that can be used for easy and convenient storage.
  • Size, case: 3" x 10".